Hydro Demolition

What is hydro demolition?

Hydro demolition is a method of removing damaged concrete by a high-pressure water jet. Utilizing this method, you are able to remove only the damaged concrete areas, while the embedded steel non-damaged areas remain intact.

Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter robot ¬†cuts through both constant or variable thicknesses from both flat and curved surfaces.

The machine performs vertically, horizontally and overhead, but also has attachment options that extend capabilities to projects more specialized, such as bridge decks or under water.

Aqua Cutter hydro demolition does not cause damage to the rebar, cause micro-cracks in the concrete like some of the more traditional techniques, like jackhammering, could cause to the material. The method is up to 25 times faster.

For more information, visit http://www.aquajet.se/hydrodemolition.asp

Why choose hydro demolition?

Preserving Steel Structures
Hydrodemolition focuses on the preservation of the existing structural and reinforcing steel in the structure. This includes both complete concrete removals or partial depth removals. We can remove an entire deck or cut strategic attachment locations for repairs or to isolate removal slabs.

Hydro cleaning will leave metal structures, forms, barrels, tanks and more, free of gouges, pits, and scars created from other methods.

Another tool in your bag
For years, concrete was removed by a small army of men, chipping away small portions of concrete by jackhammers to preserve the reinforcing steel. Heavy machinery is sometimes just too much.

Hydro cutting and cleaning techniques allow for many options that were not available in the past and is definitely an option worth considering.

Environmental Benefits
The use of water removes the dust pollution caused by typical concrete removal methods. To reduce risk of contamination, this water can be collected, recycled and properly disposed of once the work is done.