About CLC

CLC Hydro Services brings over 30 years of experience on the removal of concrete  pavements and structures. Full depth, partial depth, slabs or complete breaking. Over 10 years in hydro cutting and surface preparation. The culmination of that experience allows us to now offer hydro demolition.

We have invested in state of the art, cutting edge,  hydro demolition equipment. The Aqua Cutter robotic platform manufactured in Sweden is our workhorse. The Swedes are long recognized as leaders in the manufacturing of hydro equipment. Whether it be scarifying a concrete surface to receive a new coating, to blasting thru a 14” thick wall of reinforced concrete, this equipment can be configured to do either.

CLC Hydro Services is a contractor working for you.  We understand that a proposal is more than an opportunity to get our services on your job. The safe performance of the work, within your schedule, and within the established costs are paramount. We will understand what is to be removed and what is to remain and will develop strategies for your project to insure removals are as specified.

We understand that hydro demolition removal techniques may be new to your business. And it has its own limitations. But it also provides for outstanding performance and work quality when used appropriately.